At the beginning of every company’s life lays uncertainty and doubt. As the participants begin to work together, there develops a foundation of trust and credibility, which begins to turn into a mutually beneficial relationship of cooperation and success.

At our inception we were a veteran owned small business and the process of becoming a service disabled veteran owned small business had begun. Once we received the letter from the Veterans Administration that the owner was rated as a service connected disabled veteran, which now made us a service disabled veteran owned small business (SDVOSB), we immediately applied to be verified by the Veterans Administration and became verified and searchable in the CVE (Center for Veteran Enterprise) registry.

A-Z Services began its story in December 2007. As a new startup company offering total solutions it was necessary to find ways to differentiate ourselves from the thousands of other larger and more experienced companies currently working with the federal government. During our travels around federal & state governments, we were able to identify mission critical personnel to each purchasing mission and began identifying the procurement process. It was our intent to query the procurement professionals within each buying opportunity and determine what tools or resources would provide the greatest benefit to them and the overall best value in the completion of their mission.