Leadership Highlights

Omar Abdelrehim – President/CEO

DevelopedStartup Companyinto multi-million dollar organization.

Built & established relationships with key partner companies & individuals to discover, offer & implement organizational solutions

Consulted & developed custom solutions within federal gov’t to include the following areas;

Bio-Medical & Clinical support

–  Equipment purchases

–  Streamline Acquisitions

Lab & program management
–  Consolidated reagent program
–  Lab equipment maintenance program
Research & Development
–  Research studies management
Human Resources
–  Strategic design
–  Strategic relationships
–  Space planning & design
Acquisition analysis
–  Streamline acquisitions
Strategic Planning
–  Assisting in organizational directional planning
Information Technology (IT)
–  Consulting
Program Management
–  Process implementation & management
Record setting business performance with 2 fortune 100 companies

Company Experience

We provide large-firm capabilities with focused small-firm service, allowing us to customize solutions specifically for your environment.
–  Serving federal government agencies
–  Globally supported federal gov’t agencies
–  Privately held company
–  Developed custom solutions
–  Organized teams of companies to implement total solutions
–  Relationships with many large companies
–  Project Management