Corporate Capabilities Broad Overview

Strategic PlanningStrategic Sourcing
Program Management
Acquisition Analysis
Research & Development
Medical Lab & Program Support
Strategic Human Capital Management
Mission-Critical Support Services
Strategic Communications and Marketing
Information technology Solutions
Enterprise Solutions
Consulting Services
Out-Sourcing and In-Sourcing Modeled Services
Knowledge Management
Process and Workflow Engineering
Custom Dashboard Development
Business(Intranet) Web Application Development
Public Facing(Internet) Web Development
Custom Software Development
Custom/Legacy Software Application Augmentation
Portal Solutions & Content Management Solutions
Process, Workflow and Project Management
Technical and Project Management
Database Development & Customization
Database Infrastructure Management
Server and Network Configuration and Installation
Systems, Network, Database and Application Management
Staffing Augmentation Services
Training/ e-Learning
Green Solutions
Space Planning
Digital Surveillance Solutions
Systems Integration
Design/Build Services
Equipment Sales and Maintenance Contracts
Support Service Contracts
Security Systems Design/Build/Install
CCTV Systems Design/Build/Install
Telephone System Design/Sale/Install
Entry System Design/Build/Install
Independent Verification & Validation services
Digital Asset Management
Digital Interview Rooms
Security and Chain of Custody