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A-Z Customized Processes for Results

Successfultrack record of delivering solutions on time and on budget.

A- Z Services is a solutions provider that has experience in the disciplines of consulting, research, information technology (IT) and space planning/construction services, with offices in the Washington, DC metro area.We offer solutions consulting to help our clients. We utilize the best of breed products and services that improve efficiencies, effectiveness, enhance productivity, and deliver new services to their end users.

Our team is comprised of BEST of BREED professionals and organizations with superior sales, marketing, technical and engineering experience. We share enthusiasm for great solutions and are willing to put the effort into truly doing things right. Our business has been built on strong relationships and referrals, which require us to perform at a higher level than normal in order for people to feel comfortable to refer us to other people & organizations.

From our experience it has become evident that in order for a company to grow in such a dynamic and evolving atmosphere such as the federal government, it needs to be flexible and able to customize solutions tailored to the customer needs. Our small business structure allows us this luxury, although our team comprises of large corporate experienced professionals, which allows us to utilize large company experience within a small company mold, affording the ability to satisfy our customers’ needs with the best of breed solutions without the limitations of most large companies.

Internal Green Initiatives at A-Z Services

At AZS, we are committed to doing our part to help support renewable energy programs and minimizing the impact that our business has on the environment.

  • Paperless Office: We have replaced our marketing literature, quotes, proposals, invoices, and contracts with documents that are available in electronic format. These changes to how we do business save a significant amount of paper each year.
  • Responsible Office Practices: In our corporate offices, we participate in the community recycling program, and have chosen reusable kitchen items, as opposed to using paper or plastic cups and utensils.
  • Reducing Energy Consumption: We want to consume as little energy as possible. Utilizing hosting services to minimize our impact on e-waste and energy consumption.
  • Partnered with companies actively using recycled products/energy efficient strategies: working with manufacturers that utilize the latest in energy efficient technologies & processes, making productive use of waste and maximizing future efficiency.